Onsite Physio is a solution many businesses don’t know they need. Issues such as downtime, absenteeism, soft tissue injury, worker discomfort and lost productivity can all be reduced with quality onsite Physiotherapy.

How many workers have been sent down the workers compensation track, only to be off work for extended periods? Did you know the likelihood of an injured worker ever coming back to work after being off for 3 months is 50%? Poorly managed injuries could be costing your business hundreds of thousands.

AXIS onsite Physio acts as a triage system, advising the organisation and worker on the best course of action for musculoskeletal disorders. With appropriate early intervention and assessing whether the worker is safe to undertake their duties, most workers don’t need to go down the expensive route of seeing doctors, getting scans and being off work.

By having the expertise of an AXIS physio onsite, you can get a trusted professional opinion. AXIS onsite physios know your workplace inside and out, and you can be sure they will be utilising your workers to their best abilities.






 The Onsite Physio model has helped a range of industries

Below are 8 Reasons Why You Need an AXIS onsite physio:

 1) Improve Your Bottom-Line

It’s no secret that if workers recover at work, expenses will be reduced. Even after paying for AXIS onsite Physiotherapy!


 2) Improve Workplace Morale

Giving your employees access to an onsite physio is a great way to boost morale within the workplace. Often when an injury is poorly managed, and the worker has extended time off work, it can have ripple effects to the rest of the workplace. By having effective treatment and keeping the worker active in the workplace, you can bet on an improved safety and rehab culture, which means happier workers!


 3) Prevent Injuries Happening in the First Place

Occupational onsite physiotherapists are experts at identifying and assessing musculoskeletal risks and which procedures are likely to cause injury. Worksite risk assessments are a crucial component of onsite Physio’s role. Preventing injuries can be a huge cost saver to your business.


 4) Ensure New Procedures are Safe

Introducing new equipment, systems or procedures but aren’t sure whether they pose a risk of injury? The Physio onsite can work with your team to assess and help control any risks.


 5) Reduce WorkCover Premium

It’s not uncommon for the companies we work with to save hundreds of thousands of dollars through reduced premiums alone. We have plenty of examples. Ask us!


 6) No More Chasing Up Insurance Companies and Doctors

AXIS onsite physio is able to directly liaise with insurance companies and doctors when managing an injured worker. The expertise of an onsite physio means the communication between the parties will be succinct and efficient when discussing injury management. This gives you more time to spend on other initiatives.

Having an onsite physio on your team can help fast-track the recovery of your staff.

7) We Collate Regular Injury Reports

Having AXIS physio onsite means you will have access to an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard summarising all your workplace injuries. Working together with the onsite physio, you will be able to easily identify trends that will be essential in developing strategies and organisational measures to reduce injuries and improve productivity.


 8) Pre-Employments done RIGHT

A quality occupational physio is able to identify the physical and functional demands of the job and match them to a specific assessment tool to determine if prospective employees are able to meet those genuine occupational demands.


With all these benefits it’s hard not to see the value of having AXIS onsite.

AXIS has been leaders in occupational physiotherapy since 2001 and have national and multi-national clients.

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