Welcome on board, this is your physio speaking. Today you will be travelling through a journey of good health.  Although we are expecting you to experience some occasional aches and pains along the way, with excellent early intervention and effective communication we should have you disembarking feeling fit, energised and motivated to enjoy all the physical and mental benefits of your work. 

Of course, in the highly unlikely event of a significant musculoskeletal injury, appropriate suitable duties allowing you to rehabilitate at work will be provided.   We will also be offering physiotherapy treatment combined with our award winning communication with supervisors, doctors and return to work coordinators to ensure you have a safe and durable full return to work.

Airlines are a dynamic and challenging work environment.   Flight crew and ground crew are constantly exposed to a variety of physical and psychosocial hazards which can manifest into symptoms and dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system, which in some cases leads to musculoskeletal injury.   Such injuries do not only impose a personal cost to the worker but also the airline.

Having worked as an onsite physiotherapist within the aviation industry, I have witnessed the positive impact that an early onsite physiotherapy intervention program for musculoskeletal disorders can have on such complex and dynamic businesses.

Such benefits have included;

  • Reductions in work related injuries, injury severity and duration, and lost time days
  • Prevention of non-work related injuries being aggravated at work
  • Reduction in medical and rehabilitation expenses and workers compensation premiums
  • Effective treatment and employer controlled injury management
  • Positive effect on the health and safety culture

Early intervention allows immediate assessment of musculoskeletal symptoms and injuries and identification of contributing hazards.  It also promotes the development of timely and effective treatment/return to work management plans, which engages and empowers active participation and support from the worker, supervisors, return to work coordinators and treating medical providers (if needed).   As such on-site early intervention physiotherapy programs can form an integral component of any business’ OHS and injury management systems, thereby reducing health-related risk to a business.

Again this is your physio speaking.  We have safely arrived at our destination and conditions outside are healthy and productive.  If you remain with the Airline we trust you will continue to enjoy our early intervention service.  For those of you continuing on your journey, we hope to do business with you again, as an onsite early intervention physiotherapy program can offer tangible health and safety benefits across all industries, business types and workplaces.