Onsite Physiotherapy has become increasingly popular in Australian businesses. The perceptions of the value of onsite physiotherapy can vary between different employers, being considered an integral part of a workplace injury management program in some workplaces, part of a ‘health and well-being’ initiative in others, or simply a luxury provided to staff.

At Axis Physiotherapy, we aim to ensure our onsite services form part of a proactive approach to workplace rehabilitation and injury prevention. Our combination of expert Physiotherapy and occupational rehabilitation knowledge allows us to deliver a suite of services to workplaces that ensure effective injury management and proactive injury prevention. Rather than being seen as a luxury, onsite Physiotherapy services can improve the health of a workplace and reduce the overall burden of injury to the business. In many cases, the cost of such a service is considerably less than the savings from preventing workers compensation claims!

Matthew Forner from the Axis Leadership Team

So what industries tend to benefit from having an onsite Physiotherapy service? We currently provide on-site physiotherapy services to workplaces in the manufacturing, transportation and hospitality industries. Our clients within these industries tend to have roles that involve significant manual handling, with an accompanying risk of musculoskeletal injury. In these businesses, there are often regular concerns regarding work-related injury, and often considerable workers compensation claims costs. With early intervention (through a combination of early treatment and modification of duties) many injured workers can recover quickly and return to their normal duties. Onsite Physiotherapists can also provide other injury prevention strategies as part of their service, including risk assessments and workstation screenings – by doing so you can avoid injuries occurring at all!

Achieving early intervention and injury prevention, by investing in an onsite Physiotherapy program, can lead to many workers compensation claims being avoided. In reducing those costs, and providing effective early care to injured workers, onsite Physiotherapy should be seen as a ‘must-have’ for many businesses.

Consider the following three questions:

  • Does your business perform work that requires manual handling, repetitive work or sustained postures?
  • Do you regularly have workers requiring workers compensation claims for musculoskeletal injuries?
  • Do you have a workforce with a long history of working in manual handling or physical jobs?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Onsite Physiotherapy may be appropriate for your business.