Onsite physiotherapy is fast becoming an integral component of an effective and comprehensive health and safety system for many businesses.  In promoting early and proactive intervention for musculoskeletal disorders in the work place, along with provision of preventative health services, onsite physiotherapy offers several tangible benefits to a business including;

  • Reductions in work related injuries, injury severity and duration, and lost time days
  • Prevention of non-work related injuries  being aggravated at work
  • Reduction in medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Reduction in worker’s compensation premiums
  • Effective treatment and employer controlled injury management
  • Positive effect on the health and safety culture

You Don’t Have To Be Big To Benefit

As a case example, a local manufacturing plant with 90 employees, partnered with Axis in 2012 to provide a 2 x 4 hour a week onsite physiotherapy service.  Their motivation was to take a proactive stance against worrying workplace health and safety trends.

With commencement of the service, Axis instigated a tailored injury prevention program which included

  • Pre-employment physical screenings
  • Treatment for non-work related injuries
  • Risk assessments and Task Analyses
  • Manual Task Training
  • Health Promotion activities – including 12 week challenge and posture correction program

This was supported with timely, effective and tailored injury management services including

  • Expert Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Worksite assessments
  • Suitable duties development and monitoring
  • Involvement in rehabilitation meetings
  • Functional Capacity assessments


Before & After

Over the proceeding 3.5 years the implementation of the onsite physiotherapy clinic resulted in significant benefits to the business as highlighted in the table below.

2011-2012 (before commencement of service) 2014-2015 (after 3.5 years of service)
New Musculoskeletal claims 8 3
Lost time injuries 4 0
Days lost 60 0
Stay at work rate 70% 100%
Total claims cost – musculoskeletal injuries $200,000 $0
New common law claims 5 0


Perhaps the most significant benefit however is reflected in the over $400,000 in worker’s compensation premium savings which the business has experienced, since their peak in 2011.   Considering the cost of the service over the 3.5 year periods was approximately $200,000, it highlights the old adage that sometime you have to spend money to save money.

Axis’ onsite physiotherapy philosophy and practice comes down to having a thorough understanding of the role of the biophysical, psychosocial, organisational, and economic factors affecting worker’s health, which not only provides better outcomes for workers, but also better outcomes for business.

For more information about how onsite physio can save your business money, we have written another blog here.