What should I do if my child has spondylolisthesis?

Children prior to or during their adolescent growth spurt may be at risk of an existing spondylolisthesis progressing or getting worse. It is important that if your child is involved in high risk activities (e.g. cricket fast bowling, power lifting, gymnastics) that you consult with your General Practitioner or physiotherapist. Often children won’t need to cease these activities completely but may require a reduction in training load or modification of their technique. You should speak with your child’s coach about these factors and if they are unsure seek advice from other coaches or physiotherapists who work in that sport.






I’m pregnant have been told I have spondylolisthesis, is there anything I need to be aware of?

It is common for women to experience low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, but there is almost no evidence of women with spondylolisthesis experiencing more low back pain than any other pregnant women. If you are concerned, speak with your Obstetrician, General Practitioner or a physiotherapist who works in womens’ health.