Today, AXIS physiotherapists had the opportunity to test-run some new sit to stand workstation equipment only recently released into the market.  There is growing concerns globally about the negative health effects of prolonged sitting and it is important for Axis physiotherapists to learn more about the options available to our clients.

Here are some tips from Rosemary Grant, our resident Occupational Health Specialist Physiotherapist, to reduce your sitting at work.

It seems reducing sitting time may be as important as increasing the time we spend engaged in physical activity. For a long time, Axis Physiotherapists have been advocating increased breaks from sitting. This means not just a pause from computer use, but actually getting out of the chair and either standing or walking around.

It is important to make sure your work environment allows for breaks from sitting postures and that it is not just a matter of you remembering to have a break. Some suggestions include:-

  • Utilise standing workstations e.g. read some material at a higher workstation or a bench at around elbow height (when standing).
  • Arrange meetings at a standing bench rather than seated at a table – you may get through your meeting more efficiently!
  • Get up to retrieve printing or faxes – it’s good if they are positioned a distance away.
  • Stand up to eat your lunch
  • Go for a walk in your break
  • Walk over to a colleague rather than phoning them
  • Consider purchasing a user adjustable electric sit-stand workstation
  • Aim to have at least a 10 minute break from sitting every hour

Rosemary Grant APA Occupational Health Physiotherapist