Regardless of where your business is in Australia, Workcover claims can cost up to $24,000 AUD per claim. This can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom-line including:

• Loss of productivity from injured worker

• Increased demands on the remaining healthy workers,

• Reduced cash flow

• Increased WorkCover premiums

• Poor staff morale and team culture

• Payment of wages and medical costs

• Loss of future earnings

• Social welfare payments

It’s no wonder that Safe Work Australia estimates the total cost of Workplace injuries exceeding $60 billion.

What can be done to prevent or remedy this scenario for YOUR business?

1) Get Onsite Physio

The vast majority of injuries in the workplace are musculoskeletal or soft tissue injuries. Occupational physiotherapists are well placed to manage these injuries “in-house” which reduces unnecessary visits to general practitioners. According to a Worksafe Report (2013) there is only a 35% chance an employee will return to work after being off for 70 days. An Axis onsite physio will be committed to getting your injured worker back to full duties as quickly as possible.

An onsite physio can provide modified duties to injured workers ensuring they remain motivated

2) Identify Injury Trends

Axis understand that it is essential to monitor and track injury data and have a real-time web-based dashboard that is available to you as a client to track and analyse your operation’s injury-rate. Our clients find this objective real-time view of their injury data very valuable.

3) Assess Risks and Tasks and Focus on Prevention

Have you identified that there are certain tasks in your business where workers seem more likely to injure themselves or are you about to implement a new procedures or changes to work flows? Axis physios are expert in task analysis and risk assessment as well as process re-design to help your business be agile and prevent injuries.

An onsite physio can provide recommendations to reduce likelihood of injury for each task.

4) Initiate pre-employment screening

An Axis occupational physio working for you and your business can ensure you are accepting only the most suitable candidates for a position. An unfit or previously injured candidate can cost your company.

5) Timely Access to Care

Axis onsite physio means your staff are able to be treated in a timely manner. There is plenty of evidence demonstrating that the longer a worker is off work the less likely they are to return to work. Axis are committed to keeping your workforce productive, healthy and safe.

Providing help and assistance early-on is crucial at minimising time-off work.

Ultimately any money saved by reducing the costs of Worker’s Compensation can be used to fund OHS initiatives, better equipment, redesign work practices and ongoing training/support for managers.

Onsite Physiotherapy can be of great value in managing musculoskeletal injury in your workplace. An Axis Physiotherapist can provide early intervention to your injured workers, whilst also providing manual handling advice and risk assessments to assist in preventing injury.

Contact us to discuss how the AXIS onsite service could work for your business today.