Healthy You Programs

The concept that ‘good health is good business’ underpins the business case for investing in worker health and well-being. Programs tailored to improve the general health and wellbeing of workers promote a fitter, healthier workforce, and arms workers with physical and psychological capacity to adequately cope with their job demands.


Work with us to determine the best format and content for your workforce from our wide library.



Specific and realistic tools and strategies that motivate and promote positive health and lifestyle changes.



Delivered by a team consisting of subject matter experts and special-interest Physiotherapists.

AXIS Healthy You programs provide targeted education, exercises and practical advice to help workers become a healthier, stronger and more productive version of themselves.   From general exercise prescription, physical health assessments and preventative exercise programs, a range of programs exist to help improve the health and wellbeing of your workers and reduce their risk of injury.

Flexible format

Programs run for a minimum of 30 minutes each and can include:

  • Interactive education seminar
  • Supporting information and brochures
  • Customised exercise program
  • One-on-one consultations

All programs are delivered by AXIS’ team of subject-matter experts and special-interest Physiotherapists. We know our team – to ensure the program lead is relateable to your workforce we match the industry and modules requested with the right person for the job.

When and where?

  • A standalone health initiative
  • Toolbox meeting
  • As a component of our Onsite Physiotherapy service
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Healthy Spine

There are many harmful myths about the spine – separate myth from fact and learn useful tips and exercises to help improve the health of your spine.

Healthy Posture

Stand up tall and shoulders back….is there such a thing as perfect posture?  Gain an understanding of the effect of posture on your body and learn some tips and exercises to help promote healthy postures, deload from sustained and awkward postures and improve postural control.

Healthy Balance

An often forgotten but important part of overall health, learn simple ways to challenge and improve your balance to help reduce injury risk and improve overall body control and stability.

Healthy Shoulders

An interactive education and exercise session to help improve the strength, control and function of the most mobile joint in the body.

Healthy Elbows

From tennis elbow to golfers elbow and every elbow in between, an interactive education and exercise session to help improve the strength and function of this commonly injured body part.

Healthy Feet

They often can take over 10, 000 steps a day.  Ensure the health and comfort of your feet through education on appropriate footwear, orthotics and simple exercises

Healthy Office

Understanding healthy office ergonomics, combined with education on strategies and exercises to help counteract the effects of prolonged sedentary working postures and to improve neck and shoulder girdle strength and capacity.

Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in Australia – Does your workforce know their risk factors and how to mitigate these?  This program can include measurement of individual risk factors with tailored action planning.

Healthy Hips

An interactive education and exercise session to help improve the strength, control and function of the hip, with discussion around common hip conditions including osteoarthritis.

Healthy Knee

An interactive education and exercise session to help improve the strength, control and function of the knee, with discussion around common knee conditions including osteoarthritis.

Healthy Stretch

From sport and exercise to yard and manual work, understand how stretching can help prevent injury and improve performance, while learning the ins and outs on how to stretch effectively.

Healthy Warm Up

Understand how an effective, task specific warm up can help prevent injury, while learning what techniques and strategies are most effective.