Healthy You Seminars

The concept that ‘good health is good business’ underpins the business case for investing in worker health and well-being. Programs tailored to improve the general health and wellbeing of workers promote a fitter, healthier workforce, and arms workers with physical and psychological capacity to adequately cope with their job demands.


You decide on bite-sized ‘lunch and learn’ sessions or longer seminar format.



Specific and realistic tools and strategies that motivate and promote positive health and lifestyle changes.



Delivered by a team consisting of subject matter experts and special-interest Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Dietitians.

AXIS Healthy You programs provide targeted education, exercises and practical advice to help workers become a healthier, stronger and more productive version of themselves.   From general exercise prescription, physical health assessments and preventative exercise programs, a range of programs exist to help improve the health and wellbeing of your workers and reduce their risk of injury.

Flexible format

Seminars can be tailored by module to the specific needs of your organisation, with several topics being covered at one time or a single module delivered as a ‘lunch and learn’. For onsite clients, individual seminar topics can be delivered as part of a lunch time seminar series presented over several weeks.

All seminars are delivered by AXIS’ team of subject-matter experts and special-interest Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Dietitians. We know our team – to ensure the presenter is relateable to your workforce we match the industry and modules requested with the right person for the job.

When and where?

  • A standalone health initiative
  • Toolbox meeting
  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ one-off or series
  • As a component of our Onsite Physiotherapy service

Healthy Bodies

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SMART goal setting

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed and the principles underpinning lasting health change and habit modification. Combine this module to enhance the effectiveness of the others!

Find your 30

Thirty minutes of exercise a day is all it takes to make a meaningful change to your energy levels and health profile. Practical tips to start on this journey.

An app for that

An overview of current technology, wearables and apps that can be integrated into your healthy lifestyle.

Food for thought

Explore practical ideas for meal preparation and healthy eating with special reference to shift work as required.

Injury prevention

What really works when it comes to injury prevention? Evidence-backed tutorial on how to stop injury impacting your life both at home and work.

Healthy Minds

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Sleep Hygeine

Why is it that sometimes the more we desperately want to sleep the harder it is to get that much needed shut eye? Help to condition your body and mind to optimise your natural sleep cycle.

Behaviour modification

How often do we know what we need to do to be healthier or get that job done, but have trouble finding the motivation or fitting it into our busy lives? Explore how to take the leap from intention to action.

Mind health awareness

Explore fundamental building blocks of the mind and emotional health of ourselves, our colleagues and our loved ones.

Mind health fitness

We tend to prioritise physical fitness in our daily routine, how often do we work on our mental fitness? There are simple strategies you can use in everyday life to take your mind to the gym.

Thought management

We don’t often spend time thinking about how we can think better. The closest we get is trying to get rid of “bad” or negative thoughts – is this the most helpful approach?


What is all the fuss about? Why do we do it? How do we do it? Getting present and giving ourselves permission to be human at home and work.