Active Office Program

The AXIS Active Office Programs provide practical and evidence-based guidance for managing the risks of musculoskeletal disorders in your office environment, including hazardous manual tasks, sedentary work postures and psychosocial factors.

A variety of AXIS Active Office programs exist including:

Ergonomic Training

Adopting a risk management approach, our training programs for office workers are designed according to the specific needs of your workplace. Exploring the physical, functional and cognitive demands of a workplace, it discusses how associated workplace hazards can cause musculoskeletal disorders. Ideal ergonomic design, appropriate equipment use and work practices that reduce sedentary behaviour are discussed. The training is engaging & practical, and encourages communication and problem solving with your staff, to identify and reduce office-based risk factors that lead to injury. Handouts and posters can also be designed specific to your workplace.

Train the Trainer

For large organisations, a train the trainer program can be delivered which aims to educate and upskill workers on ergonomic checks and principles. The trainers will then have the capability to undertake basic assessments within your workplace as required.

Bespoke Ergonomic Checklists

AXIS can assess your workplace needs and create a bespoke ergonomic checklist that considers your workplace’s own practices, procedures and equipment. This is more meaningful than the many generic ergonomic checklists that are often used by workplaces. For example, if your workplace has predominantly one particular chair or sit to stand desk, the features and usability of this equipment can be considered.

Activity Based Workplaces (ABW)

Based on prolific evidence that sedentary postures are detrimental to our health, AXIS can assist your workplace in identifying strategies to sit less and move more. Many options are possible, including work area design or modification, new equipment (such as sit to stand workstations), changes in work practices (such as standing meetings) or simply removing rubbish bins from desks to encourage more regular movement. Reviewing workplace culture, practices and ‘buy in’ at all levels is important to explore.

Workplace Changes

If you are moving to new offices, redesigning work spaces, investigating a new office equipment supplier or making significant changes to work practices, AXIS can assist with advice or recommendations to ensure the changes are appropriate and create a safe work environment for your people.