Occupational Rehabilitation

Comprehensive occupational rehabilitation, return to work, injury management and injury prevention services through a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced Physiotherapists and Psychologists.

Workplace Assessments

For workers returning to work after injury or illness or a worker having difficulty at work due to a work-related or non-work related injury or illness. See more

Return to Work Services

Our goal is for workers to remain at work, where possible, and rehabilitate from injury in a safe and durable manner. See more

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

The assessment considers the workers individual requirements, the workplace environment and the needs of the organisation. See more

Functional Capacity Assessments

An effective tool to guide the management of a complex or significant injury. See more

Independent Case Reviews

Independent Case Reviews at AXIS are performed by Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, David Brentnall. See more

Vocational Assessments

To identify suitable alternate vocational options when an injured individual is unable or unlikely to return to their pre-injury employment. See more

Onsite Physio

Our highly-trained physio delivers services onsite at the workplace. This can include injury management, injury prevention and workplace wellness programs. See more