Functional Capacity Evaluation

A well-timed Functional Capacity Evaluation is an effective tool to guide the management of a complex or significant injury.

An FCE can assist in:

  • Developing return to work plans
  • Recommendations for conditioning programs
  • Determining need for job modifications
  • Defining functional and work restrictions, and
  • Identifying suitable redeployment options.

A comprehensive, valid, fully reproducible and cost effective system designed to evaluate a worker’s capacity to perform a variety of tasks and activities.

Download our AXIS Functional Capacity Evaluation brochure  

AXIS can design an FCE for any musculoskeletal injury – back, neck, shoulder, lower limb or upper limb condition. An injury must, however, be more than six weeks old to allow for appropriate healing time. AXIS will tailor the assessment to the specific workplace demands. If appropriate job demand documentation is not available, AXIS can perform a worksite visit or complete a comprehensive task analysis.  The assessment provides qualitative and quantitative measurements of:

  • Dynamic loaded activities
  • Dynamic unloaded activities
  • Postural tolerances
  • Specific job tasks


Cardiovascular testing and monitoring of the worker’s physiological demands is an essential and unique component of the Workhab FCE.

Included in the FCE fee

  • Comprehensive assessment (2-3hr) delivered by Workhab Accredited AXIS Physiotherapist
  • Report detailing assessment protocol, results and recommendations
  • Phone liaison with referrer to discuss assessment results and recommendations

How do I organise an FCE?

Submit referral here or contact the AXIS team.