Return To Work Services

The health benefits of work are well documented. Our goal is for workers to remain at work, where possible, and rehabilitate from injury in a safe and durable manner. If they do require time off work, evidence shows that early intervention and early return to work helps with better outcomes. However proper assessment and identification of duties appropriate for the worker is important. Axis provides return to work programs which may involve initial needs assessments, workplace assessments, suitable duties development and monitoring.

Physical Injuries or Illnesses

AXIS Physiotherapists, with an advanced understanding of injury mechanism and using an evidence-based biopsychosocial approach, can provide thorough assessments and subsequent Suitable Duties Plans. The agreed goals between all stakeholders will focus on optimising function, expectations of recovery, participation and sustainable return to work. Our Physiotherapists are accredited to provide these services for WorkCover QLD and Comcare.

Psychological Illnesses or Injuries

AXIS Psychologists are best placed to manage those claims that are psychological in nature. Our Psychologists are accredited to provide these services for WorkCover QLD and Comcare.
A worksite assessment for a psychological claim is appropriate for a worker returning to work after injury or illness or a worker having difficulty at work due to significant psycho-social barriers. It involves a detailed discussion with the worker and the workplace representative, the analysis of work tasks and demands, the work environment and the capability of the employee to perform his/her work based on their current status and with consideration of their injury/issue. Interventions may be made at the time of the assessment or as future recommendations. Mediation between the worker and the workplace is sometimes required.