Vocational Assessment

In the instance where an injured individual is unable or unlikely to return to their pre-injury employment, AXIS can conduct Vocational Assessments to identify suitable alternate vocational options.

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Benefits of a Vocational Assessment

Provides an objective assessment of current vocational capacity based on the exploration of a worker’s career interests, aptitudes & skills.

Addresses potential barriers to re-employment.

Supports the practical & emotional needs of the worker through vocational counselling, realistic goal setting and enhanced awareness & insight of vocational landscape.

Identifies suitable employment options and realistic & available career pursuits.

Produces a comprehensive report that lists:

  • 3-5 suitable employment options
  • Transferable skills
  • Barriers to return to work
  • Summary & recommendations

This report can be used by Health Professionals for assessing the suitability of alternative employment when considering the individuals capacity.

What is involved?

This comprehensive assessment aims to identify & appraise an individual’s level of functioning in relation to vocational preparation & employment decision making. It incorporates medical, psychological, social, vocational, educational, cultural & economic data.

Assessment is conducted by a Psychologist & takes 2-3 hours.

Information is gathered which includes:

  • Injury or illness history, current capacity for work & treatment requirements
  • Employment history, transferrable skills & qualifications
  • Interests & preferences

Standardised Psychological testing is administered to identify key areas of interest & relevant career pursuits.

The discussion is facilitated to identify realistic future vocational & training options.

A detailed labour market research & analysis on identified vocational options is conducted. This includes systematically reviewing advertised vacancies, liaising with potential employers & reviewing internet sites to identify training requirements, vacancy levels & demands of the positions.

Discussion & identification of job search preparation needs (resume writing, interview techniques).

How can I make a referral?

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