Onsite Physio Clinics

Workplace injuries and illnesses can be difficult to manage. We are experts in dealing with these, keeping your team moving, focussed and on track, and applying prevention measures to reduce future occurrences.

AXIS provides Onsite Physiotherapy clinics where a Physio delivers services onsite at the workplace. This can include injury management, injury prevention and workplace wellness programs. The AXIS Onsite Physio model addresses the management of work related (and non-work related) injuries with quality and early intervention at the workplace. This involves treatment, rehabilitation and risk management – using the principles of sports medicine and applying them to work.

“Our goal is for workers to remain at work and rehabilitate from injury in a safe and durable manner.”

AXIS is also dedicated to the prevention of injuries within the workplace as part of an integrated Onsite Physio service and will work with an employer to achieve their goals. AXIS has created a bespoke cloud application for an organisation to monitor services and understand the benefits delivered by the AXIS programs. From this real-time information, we can feedback about injuries, where they are happening, how they are occurring, the most at-risk groups and the outcomes of our interventions.

AXIS has clinics throughout Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. If you would like to better understand how the AXIS On-site Physio Service could benefit your organisation, contact us to arrange a free initial assessment.

AXIS Onsite Physio Model

Clients & Industries

Our valued clients include national and multi-national companies from the airline, oil, manufacturing (heavy+light), hotel, rail, transport, hospitality, healthcare, emergency services and corporate industries. We tailor our service to your business and we work with you to ensure your specific rehabilitation and safety needs are met.


With AXIS on-site, your savings will quickly add up, in a real and tangible way.

Physiotherapy treatment and Occupational Rehabilitation all in one appointment

Save on lost time and transport costs with workers travelling to and from Physiotherapy appointments

AXIS consistently delivers below industry average Physiotherapy treatments per case, while maintaining quality

Effective communication, from someone who knows your business to keep claims duration to a minimum

Access to our bespoke cloud-based application with instant real-time injury statistics and suitable duties plans

AXIS Advantage

The AXIS onsite clinic may look different from one site to the next and is tailored to your business and specific needs. However, one thing remains the same – a consistent approach and quality Physiotherapists utilising a system with a proven track record for success.


With an AXIS Onsite Physiotherapist on your side, you can be sure you have quality, evidence-based treatment and injury management AXIS was founded by Specialist and Titled APA Physiotherapists.

All of the AXIS team are experienced in treating work-related musculoskeletal disorders and have access to these great minds to collaborate and case conference from the simple to the most complex cases.

Our strong team approach and emphasis on consultation allow us to deliver positive and sustainable benefits to the individual as well as the organisation.