Pain Management

There is a better way to manage your pain

Persistent musculoskeletal pain is a major social and economic burden to the Australian population. It has been found that 90% of people will experience an episode of back pain in their lifetime and at any one point in time, one in five people will be currently experiencing back pain. The early recognition of signs which are associated with a longer recovery is an important part of managing an episode of pain.

Pain Programs

The program incorporates functional, therapeutic and work hardening exercise with a cognitive behavioural approach to pain management. See more

Acute Pain Online Education

Acute pain resulting from soft tissue injury is manageable. See our online video series. See more

Chronic Pain Online Series

Module 1 discusses the healing phases following an injury along with the multiple factors contributing to persistent musculoskeletal pain following an injury. See more

Acute Pain

Acute pain is defined as the first six weeks following a new injury. In 80% of cases, pain and resultant disability will resolve in this time period. However, 20% of people are likely to develop persistent pain. Click here to watch our video on the management of acute pain, and what you can do to optimise your recovery.

Chronic Pain

Chronic (or persistent pain) is defined as pain lasting longer than three months. It is also defined as pain which lasts longer than the expected healing time for a given injury. As mentioned above, chronic pain often involves a number of contributing factors resulting in the overall experience of pain.

At Axis, we have developed a series of educational videos to help you to understand the causes of chronic pain and how to effectively manage your condition. Research has found that simply having a better understanding of chronic pain can assist your recovery. Please click on Module 1 and continue to work your way through the four educational videos.

Axis provides individual Functional Rehabilitation Programs to assist you with the management of persistent pain. See our AXIS Program page for an outline or get started on your education now!

Please contact us if you would like further information on the program or to make an appointment, or if you are an employer or insurer make a referral.