Chronic Pain Online Series

Funny Things About Pain

Module 1 provides an introduction to the education series.  It discusses the healing phases following an injury along with the multiple factors contributing to persistent musculoskeletal pain following an injury.

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The Nervous System

Module 2 provides education regarding changes which occur in the peripheral and central nervous system in persistent pain states. It explains how these changes can contribute to persistent pain resulting in hypersensitivity of the nervous system. Discussion regarding hurt vs harm and how to desensitise the nervous system is provided.

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How Pain Affects You

Module 3 provides a discussion of the common “psychosocial factors” which may be present in persistent pain states such as depression, stress, anxiety, fear avoidance and catastrophic thinking.  How these issues can contribute to persistent pain is discussed, along with how to recognise these issues and how to appropriately manage them.

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Management of Pain

Module 4 provides education regarding the management tools and coping strategies which you can use to assist your persistent pain condition. The use of safe and appropriate exercises and activities to improve strength, control and flexibility are discussed. The principles of hurt vs harm, pacing and graded exposure, progressive exercise and flare up management are discussed along with relevant psychological techniques to help you effectively manage persistent pain.

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