Pain Programs

The AXIS Programs assist an individual to manage their musculoskeletal injury with active and positive strategies to achieve improved functional outcomes and a successful return to work. The program incorporates functional, therapeutic and work hardening exercise with a cognitive behavioural approach to pain management.

Download our AXIS Functional Rehabilitation Program brochure 

Key features of the AXIS Program:

  • Flexible hours and start dates
  • Run part-time and therefore can be in conjunction with the goal of ‘return to work’
  • Individual sessions (one-on-one) and tailored to the individual needs of client
  • Functional goals to improve physical and work capacity
  • Gym membership for 1 month
  • Highly experienced and qualified team

The AXIS Program involves evidence based practice with the expert skills of Musculoskeletal and Pain Management Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Occupational Health Physiotherapists. Our facilities include:

  • BRISBANE CITY Ground Floor 280 Adelaide Street Brisbane Q
  • JINDALEE Inside Goodlife Gym, Level 1, DFO, Centenary Highway Jindalee Q
  • MT GRAVATT Inside Goodlife Gym, 2084 Logan Rd, Mount Gravatt Q
  • CARSELDINE Inside Goodlife Gym, 16 Grahams Rd, Carseldine Q
  • At another gym convenient to you

Access to the AXIS Program:

  1. Private Patients – please discuss the program with your GP. Medicare rebates are available if your GP provides you with a referral using the Chronic Disease Management Plan and the Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan. There are additional out of pocket expenses which we can discuss with you.
  2. Workcover/Insurance patients – please discuss the program with your case manager who can arrange a referral.

The AXIS Program offers various levels of intervention as outlined below:

AXIS Functional Rehabilitation Program

This program is conducted by a Physiotherapist for clients who require a structured functional rehabilitation program using a cognitive behavioural approach to upgrade the exercise therapy and to gradually expose the clients to movements, exercises and activities which have been affected by their pain and injury. This program also includes formal pain management education and provides strategies to assist the client to self manage their injury.

Axis Multidisciplinary Functional Rehabilitation Program

This comprehensive program involves the expert skills of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Occupational Health Physiotherapists. The Psychological component involves cognitive/problem-solving strategies for managing pain and disability, planned activity upgrading, relaxation techniques and maintenance/relapse prevention strategies.

AXIS Rural Program

This program is designed for those in rural or remote areas and having difficulty accessing rehabilitation. This comprehensive program which is held in Brisbane (2 to 3 days duration) involves face to face education, exercise and a psychology component to promote improvement in functional capacity and self management of pain and related difficulties. Liaison with the treating Doctor is included as well as access to on-line pain management education.

Screening/Suitability Assessment

This assessment is designed to determine future rehabilitation requirements and may include a report with recommendations if requested.

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