Rapid Antigen Screening

An emerging safety screening tool for your workplace.

We are currently facing an ever-changing environment and the focus on employee health & wellbeing has never been so important.  At AXIS, we always aim to provide the latest safety measures to ensure both employees and employers can perform at their best.  Rapid Antigen Screening, an emerging safety screening tool, is now being introduced in a bid to manage health concerns and provide confidence in workplace safety.

Regular testing and screening of employees is an effective way to support the interruption of the chain of transmission and aims to keep your employees, your business and community safe.

How does Rapid Antigen Screening work?

  1. A self-administered test is conducted onsite in the presence of an allied health professional
  2. Test results are available within just 15 minutes

Benefits of using Rapid Antigen Screening:

  1. Early detection of infectious individuals
  2. Fast results to identify those at risk
  3. Less time away from the workplace

For more information on how Rapid Antigen Screening could work for your business, contact us today.