Women's Pelvic Health

Pelvic Complaints

Lori Forner (www.LoriForner.com) is a Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist providing clinical and evidence-based management of pelvic health issues, including:

  • Pregnancy & postpartum concerns
  • Bladder and bowel concerns (incontinence, overactive bladder/urge, constipation)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Persistent pelvic pain disorders including: interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, sexual dysfunctions (dyspareunia, vulvodynia, vaginismus), neuropathies (pudendal neuralgia) & proctalgias
  • Pre & post-surgical gynaecological rehabilitation

What to expect at an appointment?

  • Detailed history taking
  • Posture and functional movement assessment
  • Examination of the myofascial system
  • Pelvic examination (internal & external), including: functional tone and activation of pelvic floor muscles
  • Pelvic organ prolapse presence
  • Neural health
  • Explanation of findings & goal setting

Treatment sessions are 45-60 minutes, goal-oriented and completely individual. Patients may be seen 1-2x/week or 1-2x/month. Sessions may involve the following:

  • Patient education
  • Home exercises for posture, breathing/relaxation, stress management, stretching or strengthening specific areas
  • Myofascial release, trigger point release
  • Neural mobilization
  • Manual therapy for thoracic spine, lumbar spine, pelvis or hips
  • Biofeedback, electrical stimulation or real-time ultrasound
  • Support pessary fittings

Lori is available for consultation from our Brisbane CBD location.

Still got questions for Lori? You can email her directly at Lori.Forner@axisrehab.com.au.

“After working for years in musculoskeletal physiotherapy private practice clinics in Canada and Australia, as well as teaching pilates, I found my passion in helping women with issues involving their pelvis, its contents and their pelvic floor.

Along with running after 2 small, beautiful kids of my own, I sit on the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Continence and Women’s Health committee, provide lectures/podcasts for medical and other allied health professionals, educate the community on pelvic health and network with all the amazing women’s health physios around Australia and internationally.”

Lori Forner, BSc MPhtySt, APAM